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“…he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father” John 14:12

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Childhood Dream Interpreted

This weekend I attended a workshop on dreams and visions. During the course of the conference, there were several dreams which were interpreted, but I was disappointed that I was not called upon to share a recurring dream that I had as a child. When I got home after the conference, I asked the Lord to reveal the meaning of the dream to me, using what I had learned, and He did!

The dream, which I had many, many, many times when I was around 5-6 years old was this: It opened just like the Beverly Hillbillies, when Jed Clampett was shooting at the ground and oil came out. Only in this dream, an old fashioned steam engine train came up out of the ground. I was pulled by an unseen force to the outside of the train and flung violently toward all the walls of my bedroom, each time being stopped about an inch away from colliding face first and then being flung to the next wall. The physical sensation was so real and intense that I literally thought this was physically happening to me, and maybe it was. After what seemed like several minutes, I somehow found myself standing on my feet in the middle of my room, watching and hearing the train go off in the distance.

The Holy Spirit showed me that, by virtue this taking place in my bedroom, it represented my foundational childhood. The shooting at the ground represented violence was unleashing demonic forces from the underworld. Being pulled to the train represented a forceful, potentially destructive transition which was beyond my control and being on the outside of the train made me dangerously vulnerable. The unseen force that rescued me from the train was angelic intervention.

This was clearly a demonic dream because it brought terror to me, especially when I first started having it. That being the case, I wondered why I would find myself safely on the ground at the end of it. The Holy Spirit showed me that, each and every time I had this dream, His angels intervened to rescue me. The enemy would then come back and try again (sometimes even multiple times the same night), only to be thwarted again by the angels of God. The more I had the dream, the more I experienced the same outcome and the less I became afraid; in fact, I actually began to look forward to the thrill of the dream because I knew I was perfectly safe. Eventually I stopped having the dream altogether-no doubt because the enemy knew he could no longer scare me. At that same time in my childhood, there were violent events occurring in the home which reflected the metaphor of the dream, but in the end I survived just as the Lord was encouraging me that I would by the train’s departing off into the distance.

I had this dream over forty years ago, but tonight was the first time I understood what it meant. I was reminded about how the Bible tells us to rejoice when we encounter trials. The more we grow in Him as He takes us through trials, the more we can trust Him and the more we can experience the thrill of living by faith. What was really exciting about this experience was the interaction that I was having with the Holy Spirit. I was dialoguing with Him-I was asking what this or that meant and He was answering me! It gave me newfound confidence that He can, does, and will speak to me! Yea God!

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