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I'm New!

Visiting a new church can sometimes be intimidating; that's why we've created this resource so you can learn more about us.

Welcome! The following is a list of commonly asked questions by those who are new to Lifehouse Denver. Feel free to browse around, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Where are you?

Our church is in Littleton at 6695 W Ken Caryl Ave.  Here’s a map!

How should I dress?

People dress casually for church. Feel free to wear what you are comfortable worshipping in.

What is your worship experience like?

We love the presence of Jesus, so we generally spend the first 30 minutes of our service worshipping Him. You will see a variety of worship styles during this time. We allow for freedom in the way people express themselves in worship because we never want to quench what Holy Spirit is doing. Prayer, the word of God, opportunity to take communion, and ministry time are the other important components of our service.

Is there a place for my kids?

Children age 0- elementary are welcome in the service or you can take them across the hall to our safe and clean Childcare rooms where they will interact with other kids their age and allow you to worship undistracted.

What about Jr & Senior High School Students?

Jr and Sr High Students meet on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm at our church office for their own youth service.  Saturday mornings at 9am they spend time hanging out before the service.

Why is your Worship on Saturday?

We know Saturday isn’t the day most people associate with church, but if you will give us a try, we believe you will find sincere worshippers who love Jesus every day of the week. Salvation is about resting in Jesus completed work. Taking a day of physical rest is a physical manifestation of this spiritual principle. We spend Saturdays remembering what God has done and believing that He continues to be active in our lives!

How do I get plugged in with others?

Although worship is a really important part of what we do together each week, it is not always the easiest place to connect with others. So we have a variety of options that will allow you to go deep with God and get to know others from Lone Tree. The encouragement that comes from others who are also hungry for God is extremely important so please take the opportunity to be a part of more than just the 11:00am service. Please see our Weekly Events page for details. You can also Contact Us with any other questions you may have.