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Investing in people because a relationship with Christ transforms!

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Our Values.

Intimacy with a Good God

The ability to partake of intimacy with Father God was purchased at the cross. The curtain that kept you out of the Lord’s presence because of your sin was torn when Jesus died on the cross. You now have access to a good God. Romans tells us Jesus is the firstborn of many sons and daughters. The Father wanted a family that is why He made humans and why He sent His son to redeem us and bring you into intimate relationship with Himself. When you accept Jesus as Lord nothing holds you back from God but your misunderstanding of His desire for you. We view all Scripture, all relationships, all revelation, all experiences, all spiritual gifts through this lens: God is good and He is for me.

Psalm 139:17-18; Song of Songs 4:7; Jer 29:11; Ezk 16; Heb 10:17; Matt 27:51; 1 John 2:2; Rom 8:28; 1 John 4:8

Healthy Relationships

Receiving Christ brings us into the Family of God. We are untied by Christ’s sacrifice as a family, a bride, a body, a tabernacle, on and on the illustrations go to communicate to us that real relationship is possible now in a way that was not before the blood of Jesus was spilled for us. This is because Jesus sacrifice restored the possibility for intimacy between you and Father God. With Him we learn of our value, beauty, and His desire for us. Relationship with Him empowers you to cultivate relationships marked by the same love. Some or the trademarks of loving relationship with God spilling over for people are 1) the ability to let go of offenses and give others the benefit of the doubt. 2) Eyes to see the gold in others, the power honor it, and the influence to call it out. 3) Capacity to confront others with the goal of restoration of relationship. 4) Willingness to follow Jesus’ example of submission to others 5) Freedom to authentically express one’s needs in relationships of intimacy and experience love through the fulfillment of those needs.

Prov 25:2; Matt 18:15-20; 1 Cor 12:12-26; Gal 5:13-15; Eph 1:3; Eph 5:21-27; Phil 2:5-8; 1 Peter 2:21-25; 1 John 4:19

Grace & Truth

The revelation of Scripture is the Father’s desire for relationship with His people. Jesus is the word made flesh and He was sent from the Father full of grace and truth. What Jesus says about you is always full of grace and truth. None of us can afford to have a thought in our head about ourselves that God does not think towards us. The Holy Spirit has come to convict believers of the righteousness of Christ not to rub our nose in our sin. Scripture is rightly quoted, rightly received, rightly lived out in this light. As seen in the example of the woman caught in adultery, religion requires while grace empowers. People need their destiny called out. This does not mean we encourage or ignore sin. It means we invite you into your destiny in a way that gives you a choice to powerfully change your behavior and say yes to God in your life. We love the revelation of God through His word and we are committed to rightly dividing the word based on Jesus. The word in print is given so that we can encounter the word in person. Operating in grace and truth brings Heaven’s perspective and empowers the children of God.

John 1:14, 17; John 4:24; John 14:6; John 15:26; John 16:7-11; Acts 15:8-11; Rom 3:24; Rom 11:6; Eph 2:8; Col 1:15; 2 Tim 1:9, 15; Heb 1:3

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts are the tools that allow us to fulfill our Spiritual Destiny in Christ Jesus. One cannot read the gospels or the book of Acts without running into our need for Spiritual Gifts. The church expresses the supernatural as a body complimenting one another in harmony through relationship. It is no accident that the love chapter of 1 Cor 13 is nestled between chapters 12 and 14 on spiritual gifts. To operate in the gifts appropriately we must be grounded in love. We eagerly desire spiritual gifts because they are an expression of the Father’s Heart for His people. When we understand how precious people are to Father God we are moved to risk and release His love and affection through signs and wonders.

Joel 2:28-29; Luke 3:16; Mark 16:17-18; John 16:13-15; Acts 1:3-8; Acts 2:2-4; Acts 8:15-17; Acts 19:1-7; 1 Cor 2:14; 1 Cor 12; 1 Cor 14:1; Gal 3:1-5

Faith Expressed through Risk

The challenge with the Kingdom of God is believing it is ours now. When your experience tells you Heaven is not available it requires a huge risky leap of faith to believe yes it is! Yet, this is Christ’s promise to the church. Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God/Heaven more than any other topic. He lived from the Kingdom’s reality, allowing what is true in heaven to direct Him rather than what is apparent here on earth. We are told in Ephesians that we are presently seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. In the Lord’s prayer we are instructed to pray your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We are given authority by Jesus to bind and loose heaven upon the earth. Yet none of these manifestations are automatic. One action is required- Faith that will risk! We don’t earn salvation and we don’t earn the supernatural, Jesus paid for both. The kingdom is our inheritance. Just as we believe and receive salvation we believe and see the Kingdom of God advance here on earth. Risking in faith we grow in favor and see greater levels of heaven released daily in our midst.

Deut 31:6; Ps 2:8; Prov 28:1; Matt 7:7; Matt 6:10; Matt 11:12; Matt 16:19; Matt 24:14; Mark 9:23-24; Mark 11:23; Luke 7:8-10; John 5:19; John 14:12; John 16:13; Acts 3:6; Acts 16:31; Eph 2:6; 2 Tim 1:7; 1 John 4:18

Fruit of the Spirit

The atmosphere of heaven is ripe with the fruit of the Spirit. Heaven is full of love, full of joy, full of peace, etc. Fruitfulness always comes through intimacy. We are God’s sons and daughter made to produce the same atmosphere as heaven when we understand that His finished work gave us access to intimacy with Jesus. We cannot make ourselves bear fruit. Paul describes the fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control with a singular verb. Meaning unlike the gifts of the Spirit that compliment one another in community, all the fruit of the Spirit are for each individual believer. You have the full attributes of heaven in you. Jesus tells us, “you did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit —fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Our impact on the world is not limited to moments of risk releasing the gifts of the spirit. Our legacy comes from Him forming our character. He produces fruit in us that impacts those closest to us most intensely. Our intimate relationship with Jesus will bear blessing on those living in relationship with us.

Psalm 1:3; Jer 17:7-8; Ezk 47:12; John 15:16; Rom 5:1-5; Gal 5:22-26; 1 Peter 5:7; Titus 2:11-14; Rev. 22:2

Testimony Ignites Faith

We remember & tell the story of what the Lord does for us. When we remember we build faith that God will work on our behalf again. Testimony invites God to act on our behalf again when we tell the stories of His faithfulness. We live from a different, more faithful perspective when we hold on to the testimonies of God’s action in our lives. We may not always be able to see or hear what the Father is doing, but we can always remember. That remembering released through testimony ignites faith. Testimony helps us focus our hearts on what God IS doing rather than what He is not doing. Faith ignited is the power to move mountains, tumors, injury, hopelessness, addictions, brokenness, fear, and everything else the devil uses against us.

1 Sam 7:12; Psalm 105; Psalm 143:5; Isa 8:16; Matt 9:29; Mark 1:44; Mark 11:22-23; Mark 13:9; Luke 18:8; 1 John 4:9-10; Rev 12:11; Rev 19:10

His Presence

David tells us that in His presence is fullness of Joy. So we pursue His presence radically through lives of worship. Everything we do is holy, holy, holy unto the Lord when we are aware of Him. Some of the extravagant ways the people of God enjoy His manifest presence are through soaking, meditating, reading, testifying, praying, tongues, singing, dancing, loving, laughing, rejoicing, drinking, declaring, embracing, listening, eating, creating, releasing, and submitting. To live by the theory of His presence is wrong. To say, “Well, I know He’s always with me” is not good enough. That truth must launch us into an experience, or we’re violating the truth. Truth is given as an invitation for divine encounter so that we can know by experience that God is upon us and God is with us. We bring God wherever we go creating an environment where people are set free, healed, delivered, and radically changed as they encounter God.

Ex 33:14; 1 Chron 16:27; 2 Chron 7:3; 2 Sam 6:14; 1 Kings 19:11-12; 2 Kings 13:21; Ps 16:11; Ps 51:11; Ps 68:8; Ps 97:5; Ps 100:2; Ps 150:6; Jer 32:38; Dan 8:17-18; John 4:23; John 18:6; 1 Cor 14:25; 2 Cor 12:1-5; 1 Tim 2:8; Rev 1:10, 17; Rev 5:13